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Sunday, 14 October 2007


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John Emerson

You seem to have developed my kamikaze networking powers independently, without instruction from me. I'm impressed.


If Mr. Woods had realized that you're one of the finest purveyors of hysterical realism in the blogosphere, he might have listened longer.

Your common sense really did desert you, though, if you tried to use a pseudonym in person while wearing a name tag!


I mean, it could have been worse. You could have strode toward the front of the Walnut Room and introduced yourself to James Woods, who probably would have had even less patience for your critique of his reading of Gass. That guy, he stands by his work.

Dan Collins

What does James Woods know about being blue?


Wait, so the ALSC is not the American League Series Championship? I need to get my acronyms sorted out.


That's so funny. I had the same opportunity with the same person this summer, extended actually over a week rather than an hour. Beforehand, I was all about to plans to needle him on this issue and that reading, explain to him all that he's right about and all that he's not, etc etc etc. And then I got there, and introduced myself, but kept my mouth shut beyond that. This even despite total loadedness.

(Loaded, I have a very helpful self-preservation instinct that shuts me up, leads me to stare blankly and say "Right. Right. Right. Right" until the evening runs itself out... I actually did that with some of our British blog-rades lately - too much Kingfisher...)

Which I'm very thankful for. I have a feeling that he gets what you gave him all the time. Comes with the territory - being the last living real literary critic - I suppose. All the young turks turking about in his face. And also comes with his status of being someone who actually gets literature in a world in which very few do - almost no academics. Plus there's the knotty matter of his "politics" - literary / cultural politics, which are guaranteed to draw fire. So I wouldn't worry about it.

You should have told him about how the blogs are going to make him, and his entire way of life, superfluous in the next few minutes. That would have been hilarious. But anyway, yet another case of me being older, and if not wiser, then at least way shyer than you.

Tim Lacy


[With pouty voice] Had you called me for coffee, I might have been able to save you from making a fool of yourself?! :) ... Perhaps not. Anyway, I hope you had a good time in Chicago otherwise!

- TL

John Emerson

Hey, where's the dirt on Kotsko and Holbo?

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