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Sunday, 07 October 2007


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Naadir Jeewa

The Executive Googler doesn't know how to make good Google queries. Surely "Huck Finn slavery wrong" would be more appropriate.


Hmm, is this incredibly creepy, or cause for hope? (I mean, HF _is_ a lot longer than My Pet Goat. And no pictures, either.)


Naadir: You'd be surprised how many people Google complete sentences. The Executive Googler probably doesn't know how to Google better than, say, your average plagiarist. Come to to think of it, he was exactly the sort of student who would've been a serial plagiarist: wealthy, entitled, and not altogether bright. Between Google and paper mills, he wouldn't have written a paper his entire undergraduate career.

Sisyphus: Sadly, he probably sympathizes with Tom more than Huck at the end: after all, Huck wants to ruin his Great Romantic Adventure. Wow, now that I think about it, there's an actual, honest-to-Christ serious reading to be had there. Be right back.


He must not have watched the movie version that came out in the 1990s sometime. At one point Jim turns to the title character and says: "Slavery is wrong, Huck."


"he" should be "whoever did the searches".

Tim Lacy

I never knew about this DomainTools' "Whois Source" before today. Awesome.

But, okay, now this is mean ... The query had to come from Jenna. It just had to. - TL

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