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Wednesday, 10 October 2007


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Vance Maverick

I wrote my version of this paper in my junior year, and got a version of that talk from Anthony Appiah. He was very gentle. I've hardly read any philosophy since -- not through any fault of his, but because I realized how very far I was from being able to engage with it.


Vance, I'm not particularly adept at it either ... and it shows, in good and bad ways, in my work.

Ray Davis

When I wrote that paper, my prof was so shocked she refused to speak to me for several weeks. I think she was dealing with issues in her personal life at the time, but still it would've been nice to get some guidance.

As you know, I still produce what might be called variations on the theme. Embarrassing myself and being corrected seems to be the only way I can learn anything, as well as being in itself a perverse source of pleasure. In this case I gotta go Freudian and blame childhood experience rather than genetics. Overreaching intellectual conversations with older women was for l'il Ray what cowboy boots on older women was for li'l R. Crumb.

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