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Monday, 29 October 2007


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Cute. You know, of course, that "Anglo-Saxon" is code for "Cheney-esque" but they are trying to downplay his influence....

Karl Steel

Holy Jesus, Scott, that's great. You know, there's a couple of bloggers (old English in New York and Unlocked Wordhoard) whose take on this I'd like to see: if they want to imitate AS prose style, I'd just die with happiness.

Let's see if I can do it with words derived from the OE: "I think it was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. I told them in Anglo-Saxon writing* to smite the guilty."

* I tried 'style,' 'manner,' and 'form,' none are OE. Isn't there someone in your household who can help us out, SEK?


Ahistoricality, I was tempted to throw something in about "Heardred," the "protector of advice," but couldn't manage it.

Karl, I ran into the same problem you did when I tried to rewrite it in AS. It's just beyond my abilities. As for the member of my household who could, she's "decompressing" for a few days and I didn't want to bother her. (Not that she wouldn't enjoy it, but, well, you remember the week after your qualifying exams, in which you never want to touch the material you love ever, ever again.)


Also, someone just emailed about "Geornwig," as it's not an actual OE name. It isn't. I stuck "georn" ("eager") next to "wig" ("battle"), as that's the closest I could muster to "George." I know, I know, not accurate ... but appropriately wrong, no?


Ha! I knew it'd be difficult to be others to the punch. I was more surprised that our presentation looked similar.


I think we both may've used brackets incorrectly. (Or not. [Hard to tell.])

Karl Steel

you remember the week after your qualifying exams, in which you never want to touch the material you love ever, ever again

As I recall, I spent two (three?) months playing Neverwinter Nights and desultorily researching a diss topic I abandoned as soon as I came out of my postorals haze.


I am in bliss over this post. Whether Latinate, Anglo-Saxon, French, or a combination of the three, I have yet to decide. hehehe.

John Emerson

Genghis Khan had a Catholic grandson named George. True fact.

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