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Sunday, 23 December 2007


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September Blue

...well. I was going to send good thoughts for Rachel, but seeing as cats never need to deal with heart-stopping automated message birthday surprises, I think you could do with them more.


Happy Birthday once again. Since you will be alone on Christmas, I spoke to Santa and he is going to try very, very hard to reroute your presents to your home. He is also including some cookies!! If not received on the 25th, he will drop it off on the 26th.
P.S. I am really sorry about Rachel and I know it is strange to pray for a cat, but I sent a message to God and I hope he will help you at this time. We are going to miss you here, but I understand how important Rachel is to you. Love to you.



The Universe seems to have a very tragicomic (or is it comitragic?) approach to you. The only plus side to this that I can see, is that it will make very good reading as part of your forth-coming memoir, You Make Me Completely Uncomfortable with Your Words: Disadventures of a Graduate Student.

Best Birthday, Christmas, New Year and Recovery wishes to you and your kitty.


I am so very sorry about Rachel. I wish I could be there for you. It is one extremely hard dealing with final illness and pain over death. For others reading this soon you will know how Scott spent his Christmas Eve. This is my hug and kiss and comfort to you Scott. Give yourself time.It does make it easier while not better. Love, Mom.

Ancrene Wiseass


That is so unbelievably horrible. How can people involved with the care of (and who supposedly care about) animals be that cruel?

I am so sorry, Scott.

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