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Saturday, 22 December 2007


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I read that was a fantastic movie with splendid music. Too bad marital bickering ruined it for you. Are you one wall away from them or can their arguing soar long distances and carry the same volume?


Did Raymond Carver move in next door to you or something? I'm seriously: WTF?

PS Happy Birthday!!!


This is what happens when married people don't talk. Like not telling your wife about cancer! I hope you do not leave dirty laundry on the floor or dirty dishes lying around because your wife is far to busy to pick-up after you. She did memtion that is was time to go through clothes and lighten the load because your mom is sending more home to you with her. As long as your are in the room with Rachel, it might be nice if you surprised your wife with a clean neat room and house!


Were you seeing Once for the first time? If so, take a moment to drink enough whiskey to forget its momentary connection to the evening's other broadcast events and wait for your wife to come back home to watch it with you. It's a truly magical movie, wonderful music and a great (impossible) love story.

Mikhail Emelianov

i was waiting for that precious - "you are not breaking up with me in a [weird location]" - but it never came... although the part about manicures in Seattle is very intriguing. i'm seriously.

Joseph Kugelmass

In a perfect turn of events, none of which should distract from the celebration of your birthday, you witnessed the Carveresque reality which sent so many running for relief to see a rather motionless film about two people being sweet and almost coming up with a plot to accompany the tunes. That night, the woman logged on and wrote a glowing review of Once, and so did her husband.

Ancrene Wiseass

After that performance, I'd be very tempted to anonymously leave a copy of "The Stepford Wives" on Mr. Neighbor's windshield.

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