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Thursday, 20 December 2007


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Your brain is telling you that you miss the little woman. We have her and we will not give her up!! We are having fun with an all female household!!! Or - perhaps you should not drink so much when you are alone and working on your book.


I'm not drinking, Ma. I type too fast for my own good. Really though, the problem is that the Little Womedievalist has far too many photos of obscene medieval marginalia on her laptop.


SEK, I think you exist for me to be able to go "whoah! It could be so much worse!"


John Emerson

A lot of people think that the paintings of Hieronymous Bosch are symbolic and imaginary, but it's becoming increasingly clear that they're realistic. The critical canon will have to be rewritten.

J J Cohen

I seldom can say this and mean it, but now I can: "The pleasure is all mine."


When looking at their feet, I conclude they are *not* monkeys.

The question remains: does the picture suck or blow?


Oh, but did you know that you can get Bosch action figures?


Kristin, those figures, they frighten me. (As well they should, I suppose.) Although I hear the ear-knife makes for the perfect holiday gift.

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