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Tuesday, 01 January 2008


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Thanks for freezing my web browser, Scott.

(No harm done, don't worry.)

Luther Blissett

The National? Best LP of 2007? Really? Hrmph.


Thanks for freezing my web browser, Scott.

Wait, how'd I do that?

The National? Best LP of 2007? Really? Hrmph.

It's certainly my favorite record of the year. What's not to love? It's like Nick Cave and Jemaine had a child. Who wouldn't love that?

Hippies, Nazis, and Jonah Goldberg, that's who.

Vance Maverick

Thanks! And Happy New Year. Darwin loves you.


Delurking to say thanks, great album! All the best for 2008!

Jennifer Lynn Jordan

My second favorite album of the year. And also I love Jemaine.


I was expecting a zip file so I just clicked on it (instead of right click and save). Seems this is not a good idea with Firefox. Oops... But I've done it the right way second time and I'm looking forward to listening to the album. Happy New Year!


Wow, this was only 3 months ago? I thought it was longer than that. Anyway, That's sort of relevant to what I wanted to say; some albums grow on you quite slowly, but then you feel as though you've known them forever. I probably wouldn't have gone out and bought it (I distinctly remember listening to a couple of tracks at the band's website ages ago, after reading about them and thinking, what's the fuss about?), but here I am listening to it yet again this evening and thought I really ought to take the time to come back and thank Scott for taking the trouble to put it up here. It really is a great album.

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