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Wednesday, 23 January 2008


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Not to be mean, but this whole thing would have made a great addition to the satire...

John Emerson

WTF are you satirizing? You're making the Unfogged in-joke threads look transparent.

Adam Roberts

'L' for ... 'London-scholar'?


"Loser," actually. But I appreciate you thinking the best of me, Adam.

John, click on the link to Kugelmass's post. It was included in a satirical publication circulated, but I thought Joe was being mocked and defended accordingly. (Because I am silly and a dullard.)


And then it takes a really long time to figure out what this post is apologizing for if you didn't read the comments on the earlier post.


Did I not say I was a dullard? O ye of too much faith ...

John Emerson

This is too technical for me.

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