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Wednesday, 30 January 2008


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Very sorry to hear this. He sounds way too young.


Jim Zwick was a scholar of the early years of the US Empire. He researched the efforts of the great Mark Twain in promoting the mass-based American Anti-Imperialist League. He was a good friend to my family and a friend of the Philippines. Three things we surely miss in the US: Jim Zwick, Mark Twain and a popular anti-imperialist movement. Jim's example of combining scholarship with anti-imperialism should motivate us all. Robin

Stephen Block

I too often communicated with Prof. Zwick and I am proud to have done so. As a World War 2 veteran and now an anti-war activist I appreciate his articles depicting the days when U.S. imperialism took root after defeating Spain and taking over their colonies. Needless to say, we have been at war ever since somewhere in Asia.

Steven Blye

I have just now found out who ran a website I returned to often - I was saddened to learn that the reason I cannot find it is the owner - Jim Zwick - passed away.

I was hoping someone might direct me to where I could access his many 3D pictures. I use to peruse them for many hours at a time. I hope his work has been carried on by someone somewhere. My email is if anyone has any information.


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