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Thursday, 24 January 2008


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The Albertsons Justice League commends you, SEK.

That's a much better story than the time I made a smarmy remark to the woman with too many items in the express lane.

The Girl Detective

Damn, that's several layers of fucked up.


Please tell me he was forced to the back of the line...

Restore some of my faith in the fairness of humanity.

Btw, this happens to my elderly mother all the time at her pharmacy. You see, the pharmacy apparently doesn't believe in lines, so everyone just walks right to the front instead of waiting to see who is next.

The Constructivist

My pharmacy just calls names over quietly, apparently randomly. Works like a charm.

But, man, that jerk made me think of Patricia Williams's argument on the ethnic scars of American whiteness from The Rooster's Egg....

The Constructivist

yeesh--over/out--what's the difference? Over and out.

David Moles

Not all elderly Jews, I hope. (Maybe it's a Yiddishkeit thing. None of the Germans or Austrians or Alemannic-speaking Swiss I run into here in Basel seem to know how to queue, either.)

Luther Blissett

Reminds me of Samantha Bee's recent *Daily Show* story about the lobbyists who are no longer allowed to pay people to wait in line for them at Congressional hearings. She budges in line and the reaction makes for great TV.


to the man who thinks the world owes him - shame.
This could have turned out differently if the elderly man had spoken to the first few people or just one person and explained in a nice manner that he was not feeling well and would you mind letting him in line so he could get his needed meds and then go home. It goes to show you there are still people out there who have no manners and no empathy for others. He could have gotten in line just by being nice and he blew his chance. No matter the age, there are still some people who think they are more important then the person obeying the rules and standing in a line to get what is needed. Perhaps he thought he was better then this older woman because of his race, perhaps it didn't make a difference who the first in line was. Kindness and understanding seem to be lost art in today,s world.
But the question remains - Did he get his turn before this woman and yourself?

Tim Lacy

Is it just me, or does vanity, selfishness, and boorishness seem triply magnified when seen in the senior crowd? [caveat: if senile, my observation does not signify.] With young folks you can pass it off as ignorance or poor upbringing, but--to me at least---it's harder to come up with excuses for seemingly reasonable older folks. - TL

PS - SEK, did you score with the asian lady? ;)

Rich Puchalsky

"caveat: if senile, my observation does not signify"

It's so hard to tell whether a particular old person who's acting inappropriate is senile, though. I mean, you can easily tell if it's really severe. But there are all sorts of more or less minor events that can add up with age to lead to some kind of intellectual deficit that may or may not be medically classed as senility but that still isn't full functioning either. I wouldn't have let the guy go to the front of the line, but I'd certainly give him the benefit of the doubt about whether he was really acting "in his right mind" or not.

Adam Roberts

Scott, I'm tired. Please move my comment up to the top of this list of comments.


First, your faith in humanity can remain intact: the gentleman was escorted to the back of the line.

Second, I don't think this was a case of mental illness. The guy clearly had his wits about him, he just thought he should go first because he was tired. This is a very Elderly Jew kind of entitlement, sadly familiar from my many encounters with elderly Jews. (Esp. men. Don't know why that is.)

John Emerson

I have seen something similar with Russian Jewish immigrants. Fighting to the head of a line was a well-honed skill of theirs.



Ari Kelman

You're a total race traitor. And you'll regret your traitorous ways in a few short years. When you are that elderly gentleman. And tired.

Adam Roberts

I was talking with a friend, a while ago, about the category 'self-hating Jew' (not one I'd put Scott in, incidentally). My friend wondered why nobody talked in similar terms about, eg, a 'self-hating Englishman'. Then we agreed that there was a term for such a person. The term is 'Englishman'.


"Scott, I'm tired." Adam Roberts Wins.

Mikhail Emelianov

i think everyone forgets the unsung hero of this story - the pharmacist! he probably had to deal with elderly folks of all kinds that day - in fact, he probably dreads that day of elderly people being bused in and drinks heavily to forget that it's coming...


Meds by mail. Only way to go.


I have to agree--Adam Roberts totally wins. And my faith in humanity has also been restored. Thank you. I can't believe I read through ALL THE COMMENTS to find out what happened. I need to find something constructive to do with my time.

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