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Sunday, 24 February 2008


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I don't know why, but I've always imagined the M in the M as Barney Rubble in a pervert overcoat. It makes the scene altogether less sad.


Some people are destined to fail spectacularly. Doesn't matter where they move to or who with, in two months their straits choke desperate.



The Man in the macintosh loves a lady who's dead. He's Bloom's father, I thought, Virág Rudolf.

Does he have a blog? Did I just out him?

Lloyd Mintern

"People don't live and die, people just float,
She went with the man with the long black coat."

Bob Dylan (Ring Them Bells)


Penguins! Damn penguins!
An older gentleman much loved by the young locals; who specialized in Pernod,
from the end of a cobbled Oxford alley leading down to the Sheldonian where
the penguins and their limos gathered for a fête for the Prince and Princess.
Penguins! Effing penguins! Yelling perceptively. Perceptibly.
He asked after the health of my finances then was shocked when I offered him
a pound; knowing I was a foreigner he urged me to reconsider but no. A sip of
Pernod was sufficient unto the late afternoon watching the penguins gather.

Adam Roberts

Dexter, is it? But he's a serial killer! Tell your friend to watch out ...

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