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Thursday, 28 February 2008


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>where grue

I enjoyed this post.

Jon H

Have you tried Inform 7? You'd probably have fun making short pseudo-games instead of blog posts. It's a sweet environment for writing these games in a language that approximates English. For example:

Chapter 1 - Outside the Castle

The Drawbridge is a room. "[if the Drawbridge is unvisited]Even in your short absence, [the castle] has come to look strange to you again. When you came here first, you stood a long while on the drawbridge, unready to cross [the moat], for fear of the spells that might bind you if you did. This time it is too late to worry about such things[end if][if the Drawbridge is visited]There is little enough purpose in loitering outside: He and his servants never come out here, and whatever you must do, you will have to do within[end if]." The castle exterior is scenery in the drawbridge. The printed name of the castle exterior is "castle". Understand "tower" or "tower" or "drawbridge" or "bridge" as the castle exterior. The description is "The drawbridge looks longer than it actually is; the towers are so high that the tops are lost in cloud, and looking east or west, you cannot see the furthest extent of the walls. An optical illusion: it is smaller inside.


The iron-barred gate is a door. "An iron-barred gate leads [gate direction]." It is north of the Drawbridge and south of the Entrance Hall. It is closed and openable. Before entering the castle, try entering the gate instead. Before going inside in the Drawbridge, try going north instead. Understand "door" as the gate.

After opening the gate:
say "You shouldn't be able to open it, heavy as it is, but it swings aside lightly at your touch. The Beast said that it knows friend from enemy; and the castle, at least, still regards you as friend."

The description of the Entrance Hall is "There is no fire in the big [fireplace][if the Entrance Hall is unvisited], and no one is waiting for you here[end if]; the air is very cold. Over the gate, the old familiar [warning sign] is painted.

Various passages lead deeper into the castle: north towards the central courtyard, southwest to the guard tower, east and west into the libraries, the offices, the galleries. [if beast is seen]And no wonder he was not here to meet you.[otherwise]Somewhere in this maze, he waits; and he should be told as soon as possible that you did return.[end if]"

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