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Monday, 24 March 2008


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You make my head hurt. But since I've been drinking large amounts of wine and watching art films with friends, that's not very hard to do.

On the other hand, it seems you are bulking up your dissertation with fish instead of funyuns, which is all to the good; more omega 3s, less trans fats. Your diss may have shelf life problems, but at least it won't give you heart disease.

I'm hoping to lull my dissertation into sleep so that I can sneak away from it without being mauled. Wish me luck! And same for you...


That discussion seems astonishingly modern given that it's 16 years before the Origin of Species. The same question -- is the species to hand a member of the crown group, or a closely related stem group? -- remains a staple of systematics papers today; and the extent to which a taxonomy can be both "natural" or "useful" is still a point of dispute.

(The biological concept of "fish" turned out to be useful, but not natural.)

Adam Roberts

"Young Charles is perturbed. (In my first draft he was "upset," then I remembered he was English.)"

English people get upset too, you know. I'm upset that you think I don't get upset. My set is up, I can assure you.


"The biological concept of 'fish' turned out to be useful, but not natural."

GDR, apparently you're not up to speed on your baraminology.

(Hmm, I wonder what traffic that link will bring to your site...I know this much: at least it won't be the Hello Kitty sort of riff-raff).


I'm going to assume that the "tolerably good observer" was Darwin....

If a dissertation is like a fish, it's like lutefisk: artificial, toxic, but filling a very particular need in a harsh environment. If the dissertation writer is like a fish, it is those unfortunate fish who are served whole a sushi restaraunts, their heads gasping for air and muscles still twitching as soy sauce mimics neurotransmitters.....


a dissertation isn't like fugu, then? And the diss writer like Homer Simpson thinking he'd been poisoned by the fugu fish and had 24 hours to live?

The Constructivist

Scott, did you know they've named a currency in Sweden after you? I think you're now obligated to do some lutefisk blogging or something. First the currency, next the Nobel Prize!

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