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Sunday, 27 April 2008


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Luther Blissett

Chickens are white. Chickens are brown. Fucking chickens.


I don't know what that means but it damn near ruined my keyboard.

Colin Danby

TOO MUCH ECOFEMINISM: ALSC loses bite, say frustrated reactionaries. Popcorn anyone?

Luther Blissett

(I've never read Reynolds's blog, so I just followed your rules literally. It produces a sort of obnoxious haiku. I kinda like it.)


LB, for whatever reason, you've cursed me with the giggles. It's very difficult taking myself seriously as a scholar when I keep mumbling "fucking chickens" to myself.

Colin, damn it, that's better than any I've come up with so far. You will be my first "READER."


I like Insta's brevity and linky-ness.


I smell a series!
Next Monday can be Post Like Glen Hansard Day. The following Monday can be Post Like Glen Campbell Day (for balance). The week after, Post Like Glenn Close Day (this one will be trickier since she doesn't seem to have a website and, as an actress, how can we ever know what she's really like).
And so on.
When you reach the point of posting like John Glenn, or that jar of Muir Glen tomato sauce in the back of your cupboard, you'll know that it's time to stop.

PD Quig

Hey Ace Phallus,

Sounds like you envy Glen Reynolds' post.


Brevity is ... wit.

Naadir Jeewa

Bejezzus, I was worried for a second. I just logged in after a week hiatus doing revision and find you've turned into some right wing nut. Can you "sticky" this post?

Ray Davis

It worked! You're now editor of Teh Valve! Heh.


Monster blog Acephalous gives lessons to tiny Instapundit. Heh.

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