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Sunday, 11 May 2008


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Perfect, considering I'm reading about how Marx used Hegel right now!

... and wait, did you just say that farting is the Aufhebung?


You should syndicate this as an advice column:
"Ask George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel"...


Perfect, considering I'm reading about how Marx used Hegel right now!

I had to spend some time reading about Hegel and comedy because of a terrible article on Twain and Hegel's definition of comedy. The thing is, I didn't know it was terrible until after brushing up on ol' G.W.F.H., by which point I'd wasted an afternoon. (Well, I did get a post out of it, so it wasn't a total loss, but still.)


No, I say, with thunder, because no one should have to spend that much time in that man's head. Esp. not me.

Martin G.

You should check out Kant's dry-as-dust explication of comedy. It's just Kantastic! Check out his sample jokes:

"The heir of a rich relative wishes to arrange a grave burial service, but complains that he doesn't suceed. The reason (so he says) is that "the more money I give the mourners to look sad, the happier they become". When we hear this story, we laugh out loud. "


"An Englishman at an Indian's table in Surat saw a bottle of ale being opened, and all the beer, turned to froth, rushed out. The Indian, by repeated exclamations, showed his great amazement. - Well, what's so amazing in that? asked the Englishman. - Oh, but I'm not amazed at its coming out, replied the Indian, but how you managed to get it all in. - This makes us laugh, and it gives us a hearty pleasure."

Scott McLemee

From Kant's pamphlet on Swedenborg:

"If a hypochondriac is troubled by gas in the stomach, it all depends on which direction it takes -- if it goes downwards, then it comes out a fart, but if it rises upwards, it's an apparition or a holy inspiration."

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