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Wednesday, 21 May 2008


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You're right that the video poster got it wrong, but you did get the pun, yeah? For anyone who didn't: "Well he may"=the Willie Mays statue at the San Francisco ballpark, where the song takes place. I was stunned that a Scottish band could make a pun like that.


Piazza, New York DH, shoulda been.


Am I right in remembering that you've been to metsgeek?

Tim Lacy


Did you go and vote at Joe Posnanski's blog today on the subject of "Who's the greatest Met?"

- TL


Grits aren't Dakotan, cricket isn't Scottish. They do have a team, but so does pretty much everywhere (including the USA), and they don't have 'proper' Test status. I think that most Scots are pretty content with that fact. And I credit them with the pun.

Funnily enough, I have frequent disagreements with my (North American) partner about whether or not words like 'piazza' and 'catcher' rhyme. Is she just mad or is this a general accent thing? This all originated with my amusement at the way she says 'pitta' -- pee-da compared to a British pih-ta -- and suggesting a restaurant chain called St. Pitta. I still can't believe she struck it down.


In case it wasn't clear: I think they rhyme.

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