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Friday, 09 May 2008


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Tim Lacy

Either they need the revenue or the web editor needs to be reassigned. ...Bird mouths don't immediately make be think of tits, so maybe it's okay. - TL

Tim Lacy

I tried to correct that "be" to "me," but it was too late. - TL

phoenix complex

You do know that the Brits are a nation of twitchers, though, I hope? This... complicates the picture somewhat.

Vance Maverick

Is it conceivable that for the British, the "naughty" senses of a word might not so fully overshadow the "clean" senses as they do for Americans? Boring thought, I know; but as far as I know, a cock is still a cock there, and not a rooster.


and not a rooster?


You have the courage of your convictions more than I do. I saw the headline, snickered, and said "nah, I shouldn't broadcast it to the world."

Vance Maverick

Sorry, I meant that a cock is a "cock" there, and not a "rooster". HTH....

Feminist Avatar

Some of the editors at the beeb do have this sort of sense of humour, as these type of headlines do pop up from time to time. I actually thought it was quite droll.

It's not about the adverts though, as the Beeb is not funded through advertising but is publically funded through television licenses. They aren't allowed to make money from advertising (or at least not in the UK- perhaps they can have adverts on the American feeds?).

Naadir Jeewa

Yeah, I think they do have ads when the site is viewed in the US. I think they hired a editor from The Sun for a day.

Naadir Jeewa

More inappropriate BBC News headlines. Although at least they didn't do this awful ad placement.

Naadir Jeewa

The Great Tit stories continue.

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