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Monday, 16 June 2008


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Do you think Ulysses is about a man dealing with his wife's unfaithfulness?


Hi Scott!

This is off topic, for which I apologize, but it occurs to me you might know whether my vague memory of reading a Mark Twain short story about some guy who goes around selling lightning rods is something that I just dredged up from the dark recesses of my often very random mind, or if it corresponds to an actual real story that I might be able to find somewhere.

Mike S

That was fun. Thanks, Scott. And happy Bloomsday to you as well.


Sorry about the spoilers?

Now I can put off reading the damn thing for another decade!


publicly co-masturbated with a cripple

hmmmm. don't think so. where do you see her, um, touching herself?

prefer not to

I remember the comasturbation of Gerty and Bloom.

Also, he doesn't just ask her to make breakfast, he smells her butt and then asks her to make him breakfast.


Human, that'd be "Political Economy" you're looking for.

CR, give the crippled women some agency why don't you? She knows what Bloom's up to, and she takes no small pleasure in it.


Girls lean back everywhere, after all. Happy late Bloomsday!


Oooo, thank you!


CR, give the crippled women some agency why don't you? She knows what Bloom's up to, and she takes no small pleasure in it.

She doesn't touch herself. Pretty sure Bloom would have noticed if she had. And it follows that it's just a little odd to imagine that what we get at mid-chapter is her coming. He's coming, certainly. But she comes from giving a peek? Hmmm...

I've written something about this that you can find if you knows my name. Bloom's special kink is imagining his way into female's minds. (the ad with the woman writing etc...) Which, of course, is also often the male novelist's kink.

But seriously, they are not co-masturbating in any viable sense of the term. Self-exposure is not "masturbation." Sorry to be pedantic about it, but I really do think you miss the sense of Nausicaa if you blur this up.

Ray Davis

Other nit: By most contemporary accounts, the Jew's wife hasn't yet defiled their matrimonial bed; that cuckolding is the most newsworthy event of the day for them, just as the most newsworthy event of the day for the first man is his loss of a place to live along with virtually all his money. This is not an average day: it is a VERY BAD DAY. Which is why we celebrate it! And what's a celebration without nits? They're the party favors in the pinata of discourse.

CR, I think I might have read your piece, and if so, I think I might have liked it.

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