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Saturday, 13 December 2008


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Pete Skomoroch

These were not photoshopped. The legend for the figure in the paper explains that the last column is from the same data as the first column (five unique letters were presented randomly multiple times in the "figure image sessions", the letters 'e','u','o','n' and 'r').

From the legend:

"...Each reconstructed image was produced from the data of a single trial, and no postpro-cessing was applied. The mean images of the reconstructed images are presented at the bottom row. The same images of the alphabet letter ‘‘n’’ are displayed in
the rightmost and leftmost columns for each subject."

They didn't train on the word neuron, or the individual letters. The decoding algorithm was trained on fmri data from images of random shapes, which then predicted the letters given fmri corresponding responses.

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