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Friday, 09 January 2009


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And I guess this is why they call this "the Balzac of Baltimore":


So, my above comment makes it look like I didn't get that this was a parody. But what I didn't get was how getting the show's name wrong is part of the parody, since the original didn't get its show's name wrong. Was there some other joke there, other than just laying it on thick?

Scott Eric Kaufman

I was just laying it thick. On another Big Hollywood post from the same day, someone'd identified Henry Rollins as the lead singer of his favorite punk band, the Vandals, so I was in a get-names-wrong sort of mood. In retrospect, I probably should've left the name alone.


Heh. Indeed!


Let us not forget that Rawls is a closeted homosexual. No RINO, John Rawls.

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