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Sunday, 22 March 2009


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Vance Maverick

The hours drag like sleds pulled by drunk slugs

Nice. There's a Chandler echo (minutes piling up like pennies?) but I can't recall it, quite.


I'm so sick of grading I willingly took a break to fill out job applications. :( That's how sucky it is.


Vance: I remember something from Chandler like "The minutes passed by on tiptoe, fingers to their lips"? I also think I remember a striking simile for time dragging from Marlowe's narcotic stupor in The Long Goodbye, but my brain is a sieve.


Maybe someone slipped those sled dogs a mickey.


That's sled slugs, JP, and they're hitched to my clipboard, too....


That's sled slugs
Ah, I had missed this the first time through. "Drunken" seems like overkill, slugs not being very good sled pullers at the best of times. But, perhaps in spring (or whatever season Californians are pretending to have now) a young Scott's thoughts turn to garden defense.


That's a great link....


Holy crap, I'm famous! ;)

Sadly, this reminds me that I have grading to do.

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