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Wednesday, 18 March 2009


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It seems your luck may be improving. Pre-PhD SEK would have gotten shot and then discover students having sex in his hospital room, but only after the ambulance charges him for a ride because his health insurance was accidentally canceled by the library.

So, things are looking up!

Karl Steel

he notices THE MAN with an over-large screwdriver trying to pry the screen off a window

Why not as he notices THE MAN with an over-large screwdriver trying to pry the SCREEN off a window

SCREEN Help me SEK! Help me! You're my only hope!

MAN Can it, scrappy; only one of us is walking out of here alive, and it won't be me!

SEK Huh?

Adam Roberts

'SEK was grateful for the weighty heft of the cricket bat in his right hand -- so long as he carried that, no punk-ass thief was going to mess with him. "Silly mid on muthafucker," he cried, launching himself at the cowering crook.'


I like Adam's response. Whether true or not or whatever, aesthetically you should have turned to another beat once he said he lived "over there." Or maybe you were just too sleepy. . . .


It's like you people want me to be stabbed. (Or lie about it, which is the same thing.) (Only to you.) (And my credibility.)


Are you sure he wasn't working for the psycho-parent who threatened to beat you up?

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