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Sunday, 19 April 2009


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Vance Maverick

Damn, sorry to learn Ballard's gone.

The "what I like to call" maneuver is lame, though, on DFW's part. Usually (as here) it introduces a weak or awkward coinage. Either commit to a locution, I want to holler at writers who do this, or omit it! (The imperative phrasing "Call it Psy-Fi" is only superficially more confident.)

Vance Maverick

And how apt that it should be DFW that exposes the snoot in mee.


I would like an elaboration on the 'not a great fiction writer' bit.

The Modesto Kid

Perhaps one could be found in the essay from which that bit is lifted?


It took me a while to google it, but here's the full article:

Vance Maverick

Also: the NPR announcer pronounced his name bal-LARD. Can that be right?


I've never pronounced it like that, nor has anyone I've ever talked about him with. (Which includes people who know him, like Michael Chabon.)

Also, sorry for not linking to the Wallace article. It was behind the university firewall and didn't want to frustrate everyone. Thanks, Jake, for finding it. (Also, I'm still working on the Beckett/Lukacs piece. (And as you can see, I'm not just saying that. I mean, I am saying it, but there's independent verification that I've gone a little Lukacs-nutty.)

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