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Saturday, 30 May 2009


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference I take requests: "Remember that post you wrote about playing in the outfield and writing a dissertation? I'd love to read it again, now that I'm a week away from filing my dissertation.":


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I've been lurking here for a little while but I'd just like to momentarily come out of my shell and say that you can add a 2nd year PhD (film) student and part-time teacher who loves the ball game from across the pond to the thank you list. Your good work is an inspiration, keep it up! Cheers, Byron (London, UK)


I'm still in the pre-dissertation stage, but this post has always resonated, enough that I've mentioned the analogy in conversation.

Thank You

I'm the one who sent SEK the insane email when I couldn't find this post late last night, and I just wanted to join in the chorus and thank him for reposting it. To my ears there's a poetry to this, a real feeling of unironic despair, that I don't get with most of what you write, SEK. If this is you writing "naked," maybe you should try it more often? Because obviously, people respond to it.

P.T. Smith

Right now, since I'm avoiding thinking about grad school, this post is a great reminder of a different thing; I need to write about baseball. It seems that whenever a good writer (I am thinking mostly fiction here, but not entirely) turns towards baseball, the product is always solid, and always about so much more than baseball.

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