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Friday, 05 June 2009


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WTF? This is supposed to be an academic blog. Bitching about announcers is beneath you.

Karl Steel

Uh, you've never seen Scott write about sports before?


I admit that I didn't get it (since Scott writes about baseball periodically, I didn't think too hard about it) until I saw the comments at EotAW, but it's a satire -- a wonderfully banal one -- about the mock outrage being marketed by Republicans on Sotomayor's views on ethnicity and experience.

Steve Pick

And yet, every word contained within is absolutely, incontrovertibly true to its avowed subject.

P.T. Smith

Jerry Remy (Red Sox)! Not only is he a former player who is a greatly insightful broadcaster, he is also amazing to listen to in long blowout games where by the 8th or 9th (or maybe even the 7th), you suspect he and Don may be a little high.

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