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Tuesday, 14 July 2009


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I haven't listened to any of the hearing yet, nor read a full transcript, so I may well be missing important context, but just from what you've quoted here, I don't think that's the correct translation of Durbin: it looks to me like he's saying the issue of justice and fairness is that the death penalty is in play disproportionately often when the victims are white, i.e. that the latter percentage being so much higher than the former suggests a systemic bias toward valuing white lives more.


Being one of the unlucky ones without access to C-SPAN 71, I didn't see the hearing, so I'm not sure what's what. That said, your brief translation of Durbin's bit seems unfair and uncharacteristic. I'd guess a translation of that remark would be more along the lines of "Killing white people has worse consequences than killing non-whites. That's weird, right?" I thought at first that was the joke- like, finally, a D makes a valid point. But the D making the valid point in this example was Schumer. Durbin's a good guy. (That said, I'm from Illinois, so of course I think my senator is doing a terrific job.)


I thought you might be kidding, so I had to look it up. His middle name really is "BEAUREGARD." Damn.

I only heard a bit of the hearings on the radio. She sounded patient, like a park ranger explaining geysers to a five year-old. Again.


And congratulations to me making the exact same comment as someone else, but a full five minutes later.


Scott and BRS:

I don't doubt that Durbin's a good egg (as the majority of his questions prove), but that question was just damn oddly phrased and I couldn't, in unfairness, not mock it.

His middle name really is "BEAUREGARD."

True story: a friend of mine convinced me today that his name was "Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions, III." Oddly enough, the true ain't that far from that fiction.

She sounded patient, like a park ranger explaining geysers to a five year-old. Again.

How could she not, what with the deliberate way she learned to speak English deliberately from "children's books"?


Oh, I agree it's oddly phrased. It's just...that didn't seem like the mockery approach that most immediately presented itself.

But then, that's why you get paid the big bucks!


Er, now I see that on the screen, it sounds snider to me than it did in my head. Beg pardon.


Wait, I'm being paid the big bucks? How come you know about this and I don't? Have you been squirreling away my big bucks? Because if you have---wait a minute, I see you on Shakesville all the time, and that's like way bigger and buckier than any of my haunts. I think you're mistaking your big bucks for mine because we're both named "Scott." That said, if you don't need them, I never turn down big bucks . . .


No, no, my bucks are really quite moderate.


These people is miscegenated!

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