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Sunday, 26 July 2009


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Moving suuucks. If you're actually stabbing yourself in the eyes, however, you're doing it wrong.

As for that other thread, while I was surprised to check in on it and see that a couple of people were saying interesting things, even they seem to realize that things are going round in circles (bitey, scratchy circles). I think we learned from that one other thread that Hello Kitty has immense global powers, but nonexistent local ones. Maybe you should take a lesson from the move and hang an "Abandoned by Owner" sign up on the property, then you can wait for folks to either leave on their own or to set up a meth lab.


Good luck moving! It feels like everyone I know is packing, moving or unpacking right now. I hope it all runs smoothly and is soon over for you two! (Does the little womedivalist at least have internet today?)


If memory serves, moving ranks above job transitions (with which it is, unfortunately, very often paired in academia) and below the death of a loved one in the traditional measures of stress.

My deepest sympathies! The only consolation I can offer is that every move I ever made ended at some point.

And I love the image! Even in the midst of absurdity, you're still the master blogger.


Sorry about the security deposit. I can't think of when I ever got one of those back though.


Don't you have three cats?


poor Charlie's face looks like he's just been arbitrarily excluded from sf fandom on the basis of race


Good luck, godspeed, and all of that. I really enjoy your writing, and you seem like a decent guy. I've also read and watched books and movies based on interesting things you've said about them, which has often been really rewarding.


At what point do we worry that something has gone awry with the moving? Or is this sort of lull normal?

I don't do well with lulls. Mom says I do better in highly structured environments.

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