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Sunday, 12 July 2009


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Adam Roberts

I feel this is the place to mention that in the first Ashes test, and despite looking like we had no chance, England have managed to salvage a draw.

Now carry on.


Adam, this running joke has been fun, but you don't really like cricket, do you? Seriously.


(Not seriously, of course. I actually know nothing about cricket and it's probably a splendid game. I did, however, once get a letter published in the New York Times in response to an obnoxious article about how Americans' preference for baseball over cricket proves is due to us being a bunch of obnoxious McDonald's eaters.)

Adam Roberts

Tomemos: one of the things one learns from cricket is that judging when not to play a stroke is as important as judging when and how to play one.


Ah, but as budding baseball players in the Dominican Republic say, "You don't walk off the island."

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