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Friday, 07 August 2009


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The Modesto Kid

Agreed that this book is excellent reading -- I don't know how much is to be gained though by differentiating it with ATD (which I liked a whole lot too), they're sort of apples and oranges as far as I can tell (so far anyway, which is pretty early) -- it bears some comparison with Vineland (which Ilawlt). I wish there was some way for this book to make it into production as a movie with muppet actors.


I saw this book for the first time this morning at the library. Someone's put it out on the leisure reading shelf with the James Patterson books, &etc. The reference librarians around here are quirky.

Luther Blissett

Modesto -- Rumor has it that *Inherent Vice* is being shopped around Hollywood. I'd love to see it go down.

The Modesto Kid

I heard that too -- I'm sure they're going to use live actors though which strikes me as not the way to go. But, any casting suggestions? All the actors I can think of to play Doc are either not human (Floyd Pepper) or else too old (Danny DeVito? Jeff Bridges? Nick Nolte?...) I don't think Doc is much older than 35 -- he ought to be in TRP's age cohort (who was 33 in 1970).

The Modesto Kid

Maybe the guy who plays McNulty could be Bjornsen? (Bjornsen's character is maybe closer to McNulty's fat malevolent colleague... I'm sort of picturing all of the cop/lawyer characters as faces from The Wire.)

Luther Blissett

Actually, I believe toward the end of the novel, we learn that Doc hasn't even reached 30 yet. (Which is another reason why I find it odd that book reviewers keep on referring to him as some elderly burn-out like The Dude.) I wonder if Bjornsen is much older, given that they are what Wilson Harris calls "antagonistic twins" in his criticism.

Sean Penn back in Spicolli days could have covered Sportello, but I can't think of any young male actors who could now. Then again, I'm not familiar with many young male actors, because I'm completely out of touch with Hollywood. Just so long as it's not Michael Cera, I'd be happy.

Jerry the Nipper

I reckon James Franco, spiffing up his Freaks&Geeks burnout a little and edging into a young Columbo, could be a pretty good Sportello. Possibly too pretty though, and certainly too tall.

The Modesto Kid

(a slightly younger) Deirdre Lovejoy would be perfect for the role of Penny. Anyone else irritated by the stilted quality of Hope Harlingen's dialogue?

Infant Tyrone

"...a young Columbo..." Oh, yes. You nailed it. Befuddled and only wearing the trenchcoat because he can sleep under it and carry all kinds of goodies its the voluminous crannies...

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