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Thursday, 15 October 2009


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I read this about 10 minutes ago and I'm still sitting here in shock.

The Modesto Kid

I just read this a minute ago and am sitting here in shock. And being sorry for you for having to go through that.

rob helpy-chalk

Oof, I'm sorry this happened.

The Modesto Kid

...and thankful, that the sedan did not slam into you.

The Boss

Advice for all of us at end.


I think that the more you're able to talk about this, the better. Good luck.


You've always seemed like a hell of a guy. Best wishes from an internet stranger. Take care of yourself, please.


Thanks, all. I'm still in shock, and still need to talk to the police, I think, but I'm not sure which ones because I'm not sure where I was (that stretch of the toll road darts through the mountains so there's no way to tell what city you're in or, honestly, whether you're even near a city), but I'm fairly sure I was still in Riverside County and there's no CHP incident listing for Riverside County, so I suppose I need to just call some police and get transferred to whatever place is appropriate for wherever I was.


Never mind. There's a "filed incidents" page that tells me what I need to know, even if it only goes back to 9:36 a.m., which is well after it happened.


Want weird? Look at the Google Map for the toll roads. If you zoom out, you can see what I mean by their being nothing, but they seem to have buried the toll booths under a stretch of phantom highway or something. That's where they should be.


Jesus, that sounds horrible. Take care of yourself.


Condolences from some random dude on the internet. Being violently pressed face-to-face with human mortality like that is a horribly traumatic thing to experience.


I don't know if this is any help but it's all I can think of.

Take care.

Karl Steel

Jesus. Sorry.


I'm so sorry this happened at all... I just lost a good friend who was rear-ended while stopped in construction. Her small car was hit by a Honda going 80... she survived a while, but died of internal injuries.

The family was comforted when the person who held my friend's hand in the ditch came to the funeral.


Scott, I'm glad you're not hurt, and hope you'll be better soon.

Vance Maverick

Holy crap. SEK, vicissitude magnet. Hang in there.


It's the absolute randomness of it all that hits so hard. With you on this one.


Ah, I'm sorry luv. Glad you're ok and sorry you had to witness that. Be careful. And hug all your loved ones extra tight.

Martin Wisse

Damn. Take care, do what you have to do.

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