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Wednesday, 07 October 2009


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You know, this would be a whole lot less fraught if someone had video of one of those encounters (apparently it's become a schtick with Ayers) so those of us who don't move in such circles could share the fun.

james suhr

The part I love from the person's blog entry is her logic that simply knowing and talking to Obama makes Obama equally as bad a person and guilty of anything Ayers did. Billy Graham was a 'spiritual counselor' for Nixon--and we all know how guilty and loved Nixon was. So if you are as bad of a person as your association to a person, then Billy Graham is equally as bad. Graham then went on to advise Reagan, Bush Sr. and W. Making them all just as guilty and crooked as politicians as Nixon (this is following that bloggers' logic, my own personal opinions for these presidents has been pushed temporarily aside). Furthermore, if such guilty associations makes you bad, then her whole foundation of religion is flawed to. Jesus hung out with lots of unreputable people. Following her logic, this means, she is as guilty and corrupt as anyone from 2000 years ago just for following a religion of a person who knew those people. Oh well, someday the thinking in this country's politics might evolve beyond the intelligence of a 5 year old.


Proving once again, conservatives, by and large, have no sense of humor. They just don't understand nuance. In fact, in their Manichean world, they ridicule the term. the fact that they bought this is just amazing.

Who wrote his second book? The Easter Bunny?


Hey Ghoster Goldstein, won't you please describe the feeling one gets after having been thoroughly played by Billy "The Bomber" Ayers.

Did your balls drop and begin to tingle?

Itching in the armpits?

Any excess bleeding from the ears and eyes?

Toes curling?

Dude, Bill Ayers crop dusted your face then dive-bombed a steamer atop your head! And it's funny!

WTF happened to you man, you've lost it. Might as well laugh this episode off, Ghoster. You easy fool. Admit it! Played!

Gary Farber

You've presumbably seen this. But it's good that this is preserved.


Hahahaha, priceless!

I read it on HuffPo but your links are even better.

Punked by Ayers at an airport Starbucks, hahahaha!

I like that guy, Ayers, probably otherwise I wouldn't but under these circumstances he's like Godzilla doing the macarena during a rodeo in the Bible belt. That boy sure makes 'em boil!


Let's say Ayers did write the fucking book. What then?

Nothing. It means and would mean nothing.


Ha! I saw this in the NYT this morning and immediately thought: "I bet SEK posts this...." (How many people sent you (and that other guy) the link today?)

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