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Monday, 30 November 2009


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Since it is the best of this year, I expect to see it under my Christmas tree. I am sure the author will be happy about that.


Sounds interesting.

Ginger Yellow

Unfortunately I'll never find out if it's as good as you say, because the misuse of Cyrillic characters in book and film titles makes my blood boil. Why must you do this, authors and filmmakers, or their marketing people? It doesn't make your work seem more Russian. It makes your work seem ignorant.

Martin Wisse

You can't really hold book design against authors; they rarely have control over it.


the misuse of Cyrillic characters in book and film titles

Yeah, I was going to point that out also. As bad as the movie posters everywhere several years ago advertising "My Big Fat Grssk Wedding".

Adam Roberts

You'll have to take it up with my ghost writer. I just added my name to the project; the actual words were written by Bill Ayers.

P.T. Smith

How do I get Ayers to write stuff for me?

Adam Roberts

It's the same process formerly used for hiring the A-Team. Why else do you think the A-Team was called the A-Team?

P.T. Smith

Day made.

There was once a bid on e-bay to have two guys dressed up in ski masks come kidnap you. I was in high school at the time and unable to decide which was funnier, having them kidnap me from class, or having them kidnap the English teacher I hated (it was openly mutual).


The former might be a misdemeaner; the latter a felony, which is much funnier.

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