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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


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I think that *here* link might could be messed up.


It is. I'm not sure why, though. I can click on your link above and it resolves, but not that one. Wait! I have an idea!


Fun! That's what Darleen and company are having at my expense. Darleen:

Scott EEEEK has decided to start libeling me ... My, you are a coward aren’t you Scott?

Note that she posts that not over here, where I'll see it, but over there, where I don't comment. How brave of her, to attack me where she knows I won't respond! (Lest you think me a hypocrite for posting this over here: I'm not calling Darleen a coward. An entitled idiot, certainly, but not a coward.)

This clown then follows:

I really wonder how many black people are in SEK’s neighborhood. Or his department.

Certainly his alma mater isn’t going to win any prizes in that respect.

So, SEK: why DID you choose a school that has only 2% African Americans?

You sound an awful lot like Willie and Caricature, frankly. You’re all about DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE OPPRESSION OF BLACK PEOPLE.

Just as long as they’re not in your neighborhood, or on your campus, right? There ARE limits, after all.

First, in one of those performances that undermines itself, this comment immediately jumps to talking about black people, whereas my post was about non-white people. That makes his point about UCI skew stupid, because according to his own link, my alma mater is 75.5 percent non-white.

Second, as to where I live, they get to that:

I wonder if SEK, Caric, Willie et all even know any actual black people.

SEK’s Twitter profile says he lives in Corona, which has a median household income of $98,615.

Damn, that sure sounds like Compton to me, how about you?

It also has a 100% Republican representation at both the state and federal level.

Odd that such a staunch proponent of diversity would choose to live there.

Nothing available in Inglewood, SEK? How about Watts?


Note that they access my super-secret Twitter profile, then wonder aloud whether I even know any black people without it occuring to them to look at who I follow and who follows me. They have the answer to their question right in front of their face, and yet they insist on remaining in the hypothetical.

Now, as to where I live: I do, in fact, live in Corona, which does, in fact, have a median household income of $98,615. Note, however, that this racist automatically assumes that this means there aren't any black people in my neighborhood. Because, as we all know, black people don't earn three-figure salaries. Moreover, notice how utterly bankrupt of reason this line of attack is:

Why do I teach where I teach? Because that's the school where I was accepted and which continue to employ me.

Why do I live where I live? Because this is the closest I can live to Irvine and afford to pay the rent.

Who do I live next to? A black family across the way, and a Mexican family and a Pakistani couple upstairs. My closest friend in the complex isn't just black, he's also gay!

But because the median income (which is a little more than twice my salary) is so high, I must be afraid to live by the people I live by and associate with the people with whom I associate. The stupidity continues with Darleen:

Geez, SBP, that 2% in the school is higher than the 1.25% in the surrounding city of Irvine.

The city I live in is 6.5% Black, 26% Latino. The city where I work is 57% Latino and 19% Black. At work I am in the minority.

I actually live what Squeeker [that's what the honest-to-god adults call me over there] only demogogues about.

First, notice Darleen's got "black" and "non-white" confused again. Palin doesn't, I claim, appeal to non-white people. Even more stupid, though, is the high horse she climbs on because the city in which she works is 57 percent Latino and 19 percent black. She's not talking about where she works, because if she did, she thought I would counter by saying that at the place where I'm employed, 75.5 percent of the students are non-white. No, wait, she likely didn't think that at all, because no one who actually thinks would start spouting out random numbers in an effort to prove that they're "street" to random strangers on the internet.

They then proceed to tell me where I should live:

I really think he should be living in Inglewood, the “the sixth-most-liberal city in the United States, after Oakland, California, and just ahead of Newark, New Jersey” (both of which are earthly paradises, as we all know).

Fucking hypocrite.

So, for the record, according to Darleen and her clowns, you're a hypocritical racist if you note that Sarah Palin has no appeal to non-whites and don't live in Newark, but you're not a racist if you're unable to distinguish between non-white people and assume they're all black. Also, you're not a hypocrite if you think this:

It’s not enough to be told what to think, Darleen, or even to be told what you think. You needa be told how to live as the consequence. SQEK can help.

After having told me where to live. You're also not an idiot for claiming, as Darleen does, that I live in a lily-white wonderland, but that

By virtue of living in So Cal, I live by and work with many Latinos.

Even though she already established that I live in Southern California. You see, her living here gives her racial credibility, but my living here deprives me of any. Glad to see that's settled.

Karl Steel


Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Well done. She's a moron that one. All of Godlstein's rage and pique and none of his talent....she can't even fleece the rubes well enough

My closest friend in the complex isn't just black, he's also gay!

For those too dumb to have noticed---no one who comments here, obviously---that was me mocking the conservative trope that no one whose best friend is X can be anti-X. Know how you can tell? Because I never use exclamation points earnestly, only when I want to mock someone. Like myself! In the comment before the one I linked to! See it!


And now, in defense against that comment, Darleen 1) ignores all that damning evidence that she can't tell the difference between non-white and black, 2) claims that Asian-Americans are white, 3) claims that Asian-Americans are white, and 4) reminds us that she can't read by claiming that my original post argued:

And ya gotta love how he defends himself with cherry picking … poor baby is so kerfuffled he is now longer being coy but directly labeling me, you and everyone who dares show up at a Palin book signing a “racist”.

Because it's impolite to condescend to children, I'll refrain from pointing out that I argued nothing of the sort---that my argument wasn't about those who attended the event, but about the photographs Sarah Palin chose to represent her constituency and what that suggests about the kind of campaign she's likely to run, and about the stupidity of those who do the reverse-racist tango any time anyone mentions the whiteness of the audiences Palin attracts. Were Darleen a little brighter, she'd understand that while that may describe her, it doesn't describe the vast majority of people who show up at Palin appearances.

Were she a little braver, she'd respond over here. Now that I think about it though, it's probably a blog thing: her place is so very, very white, whereas this one's dark cut through with yellow ...


"For those too dumb to have noticed---no one who comments here, obviously"

I'm just posting so I can get all warm and fuzzy from the feeling that SEK doesn't think I'm dumb. I need validation from strangers on the internet.

SEK: are you sure you weren't the inspiration for that xkcd cartoon?


While we're on that subject...

BTW, SEK: living in a neighborhood full of liberal academics doesn’t get you any street cred, no matter what range of color they happen to be.

I don't know why this clown thinks I live in "a neighborhood full of liberal academics," but I don't. One of my neighbors works for Gatorade, another is a mechanic, and I'm not sure about the other, as I've only met the wife because the husband works nights.

Yeah, like, whatever, dude (sorry to plagiarize your trademarked bullet-proof rebuttal there, SEK, but it seemed to fit).

This clown also can't read. I'm not sure where he thinks I wrote that---maybe in invisible ink in between the bits above where I described his embarrassment of an argument? Nope.

Face it, SEK: you’re a pasty white liberal who crosses the street if he sees a black person approaching. I’ve got you taped, my friend.

This would be one of those people who prompted my earlier comment. The fact that I have friends who are black, friends who are gay, and gay friends who are black is immaterial to my argument, hence the mockery. I should've known better, however, than to use sarcasm in the company of fools. I'll not make that mistake again.* That said, this clown has a tape of me crossing the street when a black person approaches, and if I'm not mistaken, that black person's Michelle Obama and she's blaming "Whitey" for everything ...

*I lie. Sarcasm is my default mode and I'm forever suffering fools, so the odds are I will.

Karl Steel

claims that Asian-Americans are white
wow! she should get out in public more often.


I'm not sure about the other, as I've only met the wife ...

What, the wife's profession is immaterial? So now in addition to a racist, you're also a troglodyte.


So now in addition to a racist, you're also a troglodyte.

You noticing that I think women belong in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant makes you the troglodyte here, Todd. Or have you learned nothing from this exchange?

black people don't earn three-figure salaries

Erm...I'm sure some do, but I'd hope for "not very many". Just as I'd hope for not many whites, Asians, etc in the $100-$999 income bracket.



Welcome to the future, Slart. It's all $100K here. (He says, sheepishly, because he did mean "six.")


If you really weren't racist, Scott, you'd take some steps to bring your facebook friends list more in line with national demographics.

As I'm racist, I'm not going to bother. Too much work, really, and why would I, when I have conscientious non-racists to take up the slack for me?

Yes, this is me kidding you. There's probably some kind of secret code in this message that means I really am evilly, moustache-twistingly racist, but I'm far too lazy to try and keep those bits out.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

You are. Your membership as one of the anonymous PW angry white men confirms it


Slart's not a racist. Can you imagine if he was? Everybody would like totally hate him.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

You know that how?

Your irrational assertions are strewn throughout the internet: Obama's a black piece of shit, a lying socialist, all sorts of things he is objectively not (point of fact: most communists are not millionaires....go ask Emma Goldman, Che, Lenin, and Engels).

Jeff Goldstein is a bastard and you worship him. Your love of these phantasms you don't even know in person, but only what they claim on the internet is just absolutely marvelously hysterical.

After you bounce around telling people that right wing coups in Honduras are democratic; that saving American jobs by shepherding car companies through bankruptcy is evil; that a President whose only change to the tax code in a year has been to cut taxes is really a dastardly vile Commie who is coming for the plutocracy; and that the people who comment regularly at a site that calls Glenn Greenwald a faggot, uses the "n: word in post titles, accuses the half-white president of the United States of being an Uncle Tom and Stepin Fetchit, and that consistently blames non-whites for all the problems in America: ACORN = evil; housing crisis = caused by minorities; CRA = bad; immigrants = bad, Serr8d (whose most recent racial post involved sending hate mail to defend a racist Tennessee cop) = not racist...

All that means you have not proved you have the discernment to do anything more than tell me if you have shoes on or if it's raining outside your hovel. Your attempts at flip hide the fact that you have no clue about what you're talking about. Your point of view is obnoxious and you are universally wrong.

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