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Monday, 02 November 2009


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I have read the book, and pretty much the only thing relevant to say about it is that the show has compressed the time frame radically; in the novel the Flashforward is 20 years, which makes the information contained in it even more tantalizingly useless. 20 years was apparently too hot for TV, though.

In any event, well said. This show is very close to having been ruined by pacing already and there's been no sign of improvement at all; if anything, the most recent episode was the worst yet.


Having not read the book nor watched the show - some people must die before the six months are up. What do they see?

Nathan Williams

They see nothing, and this disturbs them a great deal, as they (mostly correctly) figure out what it means. John Cho's character in the show is one of these. (In the book they also deal with people who flashforward into moments when they are sleeping and/or dreaming; that hasn't come up in the show yet).


I can't believe you are watching this show. I gave it a try and found it was just not belivable and the acting could really use some help. It does not go smoothly from one minute to the next and there is jusst too many people who are just not happy with what they see - like a woman being pregant, but she presently does not want children; a wife being unfaithful or not; a man drinking who has not drunk in 2 years and one who sees nothing. The only good thing I found was the reaction of the children. Anyway it seems ABC will not be doing well again this year.

You might object that viewers have been so thoroughly conditioned by a lifetime of televisual convention that they'll find such scenes compelling even though they know they shouldn't.
Guilty! I find this show strangely enjoyable, but it isn't particularly good.

It isn't clear to me that the future visions are determined to happen, and I like the way the characters struggle with simultaneously wanting them to be true (because it perversely makes them feel like they have a handle on things) and not wanting to be true (so their lives won't be shit or over). Janice's wounds making it "nearly impossible" for her to sustain a pregnancy are the best example. It calls her future into question while simultaneously making her think favorably about the future for the first time. Neato.

Still, it's terribly uneven, and a lot of the emotional conflict rests on people being stupidly irrational. It would be more fun to watch them struggle to maintain their better natures rather than go straight for the self-destructive behavior.

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