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Thursday, 21 January 2010


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Adam Roberts

Jesus was a black man ... no Jesus was Batman!


No, no, no, fuck, that was Bruce Wayne.


And now not only will be I be wired to the gills, I'll be giggling all morning. Thanks, Adam!


So you made it to class through all the sleet and rain and hail and flooded freeways?

PS Red Bull is the same stuff they use to flush your car transmission, I'm sure of it. Stay away from that stuff.

'Round my parts, we don't bother with Red Bull. Just head over to the Diesel (which unfortunately doesn't list their drinks menu online) and grab a Solid Six. That's six shots of espresso in a mug.


" all the sleet and rain and hail and flooded freeways?"

I guess this explains why one of my friends' statuses is "LA can't handle weather."

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