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Thursday, 25 February 2010


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hee hee

What's so damn funny, TMK? I'm rocking that tub something fierce in that shot.


How about this one?

Seriously, though, what the hell?


Is there a bounty for such a photo? I'll sell this one for $100.


You should jack up the price, todd, as that's not only a picture of me, it may well be a picture of me you took today.*

*Just edit in the bagel dog that I only bought because I had two minutes to get to class and needed something I could eat on the way.**

**For future reference, everyone, even if you slather them in mustard and ketchup, bagel dogs taste like warmed-over ass.


On page 4 is a picture of Sarah Palin....

I KNEW IT. Think about it. We've never seen them in the same room together.

Karl Steel

I eat warmed-over ass for breakfast!

Wait, no...

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