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Sunday, 07 February 2010


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I as a native New Orleanaian am not sure of what to make of your statement: IT'S LIKE KATRINA NEVER HAPPENED. I agree that practically everyone I know is delighted about yesterday's Super Bowl victory. I don't agree that the final score makes up for how messed up things were and still are in Katrina's aftermath. The excitement of this football season has certainly had a tonic effect on the city, yet all the hoopla is far more of a distraction than a panacea. I think but am not sure that you and I are on the same page when I read your bit about celebration not being vindication. Please enlighten me.


He was being sarcastic.


I think he was also mocking Troy Nelson.


And Herm Edwards, whose "This won't tarnish Manning's legacy because the Saints were destined, by God, to win because of Katrina." (God works in mysterious, and mysteriously slow, ways, I suppose.)

David R. Block

I think that I'm glad that i didn't hear about the Herm Edwards quote before now.

Kind of a "reverse Falwell" (may he RIP), or something. Much, much more positive than Falwell, but the same thought processes are in evidence. "God did X in payback for Y." Neither man really has/had any idea and shouldn't speak for God... Even if they have a Rev. in front of the name.

Not that such would have stopped Falwell or Edwards...


Okay, y'all. Thank you for filling me in. I appreciate it. I have been living across the pond for several years now, so I knew nothing about the Herm Edwards and Troy Nelson quotes. And also I seem to have suffered from a lack of ability to recognize sarcasm after very little sleep after watching the game on BBC.

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