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Monday, 01 March 2010


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Adam Roberts


Vance Maverick

Indeed. More here. Reminds me of Bill Brandt, though he didn't push it to quite this science-fictional extent.


You're not kidding, Vance. I mean, seriously, Jesus Christ.

Vance Maverick

The technique may be slit-scan photography, an intentional application of the shutter effect seen e.g. in this Lartigue shot.


Reminds me of Francis Bacon...


Vance, thanks for that link: I'd never heard of slit-scan technique before, but it's apparently used quite frequently.


Reminds me of Francis Bacon...

...which would be why I find it so compelling, given my love of Bacon. (Speaking of which, apparently I never posted that really piece I wrote about Bacon; moreover, I can't find it in my draft folder either, so maybe I never wrote, but only thought about writing it? Good Christ, but I'm an idiot sometimes.)

Adam Roberts

"(He's really not that scary, I promise.)"



You can ROOOAAAARR! all you like, becausre you're apparently plenty intimidating. I had someone post a comment to the effect of "Holy shit, Adam Roberts posted a comment on a blog by some random bloke on the internet, I could never write if I knew he was reading it," then immediately email asking to delete it, on account of he it could be misconstrued to be insulting to me, when all he meant is that he was surprised/scared to find you here.

Vance Maverick

Adam doesn't scare me. But then I haven't read any of his books. ... (begins to get nervous) ... Yet! I mean, I haven't read them yet.

Sid the Anarchist Lurker

Cacaca cool, dude.

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