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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference John Nolte's outraged on behalf of topless women everywhere.:


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Actually, I think "the imagination of Cynthia Fagen" is the issue: Nolte doesn't add anything to her anatomical musings.

John Emerson

I did hear one guy say "Well, I guess I'll have to vote for the nigger". There are degrees.

Bob Reed

I wonder what aesthetic dictates that they "not have implants"? I would think that the stipulation, "lean dancer's body", would already disqualify women with cartoonish enhancements. And truthfully, I know not of this John Nolte fellow nor generally read the website he posts at.


On the LGM-version of this post, the guy who writes my favorite television show explains the logic:

In this case, with the age also called out, it seems to be for an acting gig. They may well be trying to cast someone as a teenager or adolescent girl, too. You see, you want an actor over the age of 18 so you don’t run into the child labor protection rules that limit your shooting hours, but want them to look quite a bit younger, hence the slender build and smaller, ah, development.
Bob Reed

Ah, I see now. Thanks for the insight Scott.

J Rodolfo

And the films is a period story after all, the female characters cannot look surgically modified. Or can they and am I just a detail-obsessed person who happens to never haven seen any of the films?

james suhr

Nolte is not a sexist. He totally taken women seriously... from the neck down.


Dan, I've got to say that this is the strangest iteration of the "when they came for X, I said nothing" statement I've ever seen:

On the other hand, if some racist producer wants to pick up market share in Mexico, he’ll openly discriminate against a white actor in order to hire a Mexican actor.

What? I mean, what?


Or can they and am I just a detail-obsessed person who happens to never haven seen any of the films?

You mean the one where the handsome rogue fights ghosts and animated skeletons while being chased by an immortal squid-headed pirate? No, I don't think a pair of implants will rock your belief from its suspension.

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