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Monday, 17 May 2010


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Paul Renault

1) How do they know that "Combination is stronger than competition"? They compared them side by side?

2a) Socialism? Are we using Faux-News definitions here? Or that used in, say, Europe or Canada?

Now I'm off to read that Jack London link. It'll be at the bottom of a tall pile of other stuff to read, so by the time I can comment coherently, you'all will have moved on.


I'd take action myself, but I'm too busy putting a stop to my own sins...ugh...I can't think of what old paper it's funniest to make this joke with. Kingdom Come? Lolita? The Story of O? Huck Finn? Moby-dick? 1984? Maggie: Girl of the Streets? Foe?


I honestly don't think I wrote anything in college which could get me in trouble were I to enter the public arena. Kind of disappointing. That's OK, though, because my blogging has more than made up for it....

Andrew R.

This insane non-issue brings up something I find genuinely puzzling, though. Lots of folks in undergrad embrace ideologies that are outside of the mainstream of U.S. politics. Lots of prominent Republicans were into Ayn Rand at a young age and Barack Obama was into Fanon. The question is why the Randroids don't seem to grow into responsible centrists (or unprincipled sell-outs, depending on your leanings) to the extent that college commies do?


All of my college papers are stored on 3" floppy discs where I can't get at them.

Why yes, I do know Mr. Diplodocus very well. Why do you ask?

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