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Thursday, 03 June 2010


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Horace DelightandInstruct

I don't think I screamed like that, but I did grind most of my teeth into tiny little nubs. But I can say that with more attention to hydration, no recurrence four years later. So drink up!


Just to make you feel better, where I used to work (Urology dept., big old hospital), a kidney stone was on display that was bigger than my fist. It had been surgically removed, of course, but how the 'owner' had lived with it while it grew to that size was food for thought. They made them tough back then, I guess.


I wanted to leave this question till you were feeling better. I pretty much adore your explorations into comic bookery, but there's very little out there in the old intertubs that I can find that explores comic books from a literary and visual perspective to the same depth you do, particularly in blog format. So, that said... have you any recommendations on that score? Do you like any comic blogs or people who blog sometimes about comics?

P.S. I'm a longtime lurker. Obviously, I suppose!

Jon H

I'm sure it's painful. I think I might have passed a teeny tiny stone of some sort once.

On the other hand, Swearengen's doctor there was Brad Dourif. That's just asking for trouble.

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