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Thursday, 19 August 2010


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Bozo Reeks

Dons right. The private is a mental construct. And so are you.


"His last link to Dick Whitman — Anna Draper, the wife of the man whose identify he stole — will be dead within months, at which point the only person who will that 'Don Draper' deserves those quotation marks is his ex-wife."

Not quite--Pete Campbell and Bert Cooper also know. But this doesn't work out much better for Don, since their knowledge of his past just becomes blackmail material to tie him more closely to the firm. Instead of an escape valve for him, its just another reminder for him of how vulnerable the life he's built still is. It's significant that neither of them is really friendly with Don, in the way that Roger Sterling or Lane Pryce are--and that the latter two have also gone through divorce.

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