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Friday, 20 August 2010


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Martin Wisse

Never heard of them (either I don't pay enough attention or it's one of those bands that don't make it out of the US) but I can see why you like them based on that performance.


I've never actually seen them live, but for some reason all the videos I've seen of them live online haven't really made me want to see them. Hard to tell, I suppose filtered through low quality video/sound, but Matt's voice just never seems right when I hear online. Maybe he's doubling it a lot on the recordings or something


1) I would be annoyed if I paid for this performance. A wobbly walk through the crowd is not professional. Are his vocals so pedestrian that this performance creates a similar reaction to the studio track? I find the presumably employed, mature adults who get off on the opportunity to sing with this fellow very entertaining.

2) These amateur videos are incredible, but when you are standing behind the dozens of people filming them you cannot see a damn thing.

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