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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


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Do you have any idea what the hell he's so angry about?

Anyway, if you wish to speak to him in his own language, just reply to him with "u mad, bro?" whenever you're forced to converse. It's an insult upon him, if he bears it.


Do you have any idea what the hell he's so angry about?

I actually do, and it's nothing more esoteric than a G-R-A-D-E I gave him last quarter. (I'd be worried about transparency here, but he's already proven he can't spell.)

Professor Coldheart

He went through SEVEN PROXIES! Because proxies work like that scene in Sneakers, where if you layer them on top of each other they MULTIPLY their POWER!


Well, given the caliber of his writing, I can see why he'd have good reason to be upset with you for grading him poorly.


Wait, he went through proxies even though you know him in real life? How does that even work? Is he afraid you are going to hack into his computer and make his desktop background ASCII art or something else equally threatening?

Good thing you were just grading him on English and not logic; I get the feeling that his grade is low enough as it is.

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