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Thursday, 23 September 2010


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Unless my math is jiggered, that's over one post per day, on average!

Not sure whether to congratulate you or offer sympathy to your wife..... Both!

The Modesto Kid

Good going. Had you started blogging at the beginning of the Christian era and written one post per year, you would have met up with yourself around here. Nice milestone to hit.

Gary Farber

Dude, I've made 8907 posts at my own blog, and that's including making about three in the past year (okay, slightly more, but not much), and otherwise taking months-long breaks at times.

Even taking into account that I started a few days before 2001 ended, I still wind up being at least twice the blabbermouth you are.


Reading this quickly I was amused that your criteria for posting was for something to be unlawful.



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