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Saturday, 11 September 2010


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Adam Kaiserman

An interesting contextualizing, SEK. I'm surprised you didn't mention the 9-11 issue of Amazing Spider-Man though.


Truth be told, it's because I haven't read it. I'm much more conversant with pre-1996 Marvel than I am with anything recent. I should remedy that, I know, but once I went Fantagraphical, it became difficult to read (much less re-read) the works of the Image crew.


I see that Liefeld didn't even know, or care, what the towers were shaped like -- not rectangular prisms, but square ones. Something else Romita managed to notice, having at least one eye and perhaps two.

Daragh McDowell

I actually kinda liked Civil War...


How did Leifeld ever keep a job in the industry? The man can't draw! I mean he literally can't draw things like hands a feet and any actual piece of machinery.


Jesus Christ! I just noticed this: look at Juggernaut's mouth. I have 32 teeth in my mouth. This is pretty much the human maximum. Juggernaut has about sixty. And they're all the same.

Dan Coyle

Liefeld's books, when they bother to show up, sell at least 20-30K.

The 9/11 issue of Spider-man is okay... up to a point. Then JMS' "Screenwriting 101" kicks in and Spider-Man encounters a little boy hiding behind a car after the towers have fallen. He says is dad is a Paramedic, "And he told me to wait here, he was going to help people, It was just a few minutes ago, and, and..."

Cut to Spider-man and the kid seeing the father's body being pulled out of the wreckage. Next panel, Spider_man holds the kid back as he screams "DADDDDDEEEEEEE!!!!" Caption: "There are no words."

Actually, i Have quite a few..


Very selfishly, this makes me wonder if you will eventually write anything about Wandering Star.


Spider-Man. Claremont.

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