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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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In fairness, if she'd said 1776, some liberal blogger would have pointed out the 1773 date.... What I don't get is hearing 1773, thinking it's an odd choice, and not looking it up. I mean, Palin's made some doozy errors, but nobody who lived through the Bicentenniel is going to get 1776 wrong.


Obviously, anyone who reads speeches from media displaying words in front of them (like a teleprompter!) is an idiot.

That's some pretty clumsy misdirection there, buddy, gotta work on your sleight of hand.

Assuming that anyone from the group who neither knew the date or had the perspicacity to do a 45 second google search before they made fools of themselves would potentially know the 'how and why' is quite the stretch, don't you think? After all, if Kos, etc. knew the overarching causes of the Boston Tea Party one would think the *date* might have stuck....


Scott, you're overthinking this. Kos, not for the first time, made himself look like a buffoon, and not because he's so deeply concerned with the meanings and causes of the Boston Tea Party. There's nothing to be learned about either side here. This event is so howlingly insignificant that calling attention to it is counterproductive.


KOS? You're defending KOS?

How does it feel to be so over-educated and still be a follower, just like one of the sheeple? Or is that part of the attraction?

That you can "connect yourself" while being above it all?

(Maybe you should reread "Witness".)

Or in your crowd, are you considered a "leader"?

A "knowledgeable commentator" pushing the "message"?

Do you get a dacha, or just tenure?


KOS? You're defending KOS?

If you think that's what I was doing, methinks you need to re-read the post and/or learn how to read.


you replied: "If you think that's what I was doing, "

From your original:

" The larger irony here, though, is that a group of people who have no idea why the Boston Tea Party happened"

Presumed but wimpy jab at Tea Party.

" are crowing because a few liberal bloggers aren’t exactly sure when it did."

Reference to Libs / Kossaks being uninformed as to DATES.

"Such is the legacy of No Child Left Behind: they memorize the dates, but have little or no idea why they’re actually memorable."

Feeble slam at Conservatives who knew the DATES, the DATES that you already confirmed that the Libs / Kossaks missed.

Doesn't sound like a criticism of Kos, does sound simply a diluted and weak squeeze at the Tea Party and pimply defense of Kos.

And methinks you protest too much.

If you hate the TEA, defend the Kos, scream it from the hills:

"I EMBRACE THE MORONIC LEFTWING because I need my gig and my friends in academia!"


Was that a non-ironic use of "sheeple"? That cracks me up.


"non-ironic" ...."cracks me up"....

Thats your best shot?



People don't need to take shots at you, because you're self-parodying.

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