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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


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Superman is the consummate New Deal American.


Except when he isn't.


Now there is a takedown (I feel self-conscious writing that because I know that blogs in which the comment section consist of people congratulating the author on how effectively he attacks his target are inevitable terrible but, still, a charmingly vicious post).

And the title of the post made me chuckle.


See also:


Meh. I'd say that Captain America is the consumate New Deal American - Hell's Kitchen Irish Catholic, longshoreman father (i.e, almost damn guaranteed to have voted for FDR), unemployed artist (highly likely to have been involved in either the Cultural Front or the WPA), anti-fascist.

Also, if I recall correctly, there was a Superman/Swamp Thing crossover where Superman gets hit by a red-star plant thing that knocks him out and causes him to get very hairy, leading him to use his heat vision and a part of his space ship to shave his face and chest.

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