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Thursday, 30 December 2010


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Jeffrey Tuftin

I totally know an Eric Oden, I will immediately start sending him harassing messages on Facebook.


Wow, what an amazingly douchey thing for someone to do to you.


I'm cheering the "douchey" dude who obviously thinks SEK's an asshole.

Happy New Year to that!


More of Donald Douglas and his situational ethics... No objective standards for right and wrong... His cheering bad behavior over the internet (as long as it's not happening to him, of course) is pretty nihilistic... which should surprise just about nobody who knows him. Cheering the perps and screwing the victims (as long as he disagrees with them politically, of course)... The morals of Dr Douglas in a nutshell...

You're a creepy dude, Douglas...

Caroline Abbott

Capitalism requires information and trust in order to function. Professor Douglas encourages market sabotage: manipulating a instruments and institutions of the market (and misdirecting consumers).

Diabolically clever. Brilliant ploy.

Is he some sort of sub rosa Red?

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